Just like the Cereal

Although Marlon Brando never officially reprised his role of Vito Corleone, he did play a very similar character in The Freshman. In the very likely chance that you’ve never heard of The Freshman, its a comedy that stars Matthew Broderick. He plays a film studying college freshman who gets tangled up with the mafia. Marlon Brando himself plays Carmine Sabatini, a parody of the famous godfather. There’s actually a running gag pointing out the very obvious similarities. It’s good to know an actor of his caliber still had a sense of humor about his work. It’s not a parody movie though. Matthew Broderick’s character Clark Kellogg is actually helping the mob boss by wrangling up rare and endangered animals, because rich people want to eat them. Which makes the movie feel very original and quite funny. Surprisingly, The Freshman came out in the exact same year as The Godfather Part III. I’m not sure if that was planned or not, but The Freshman got a far better critical reception. Even though most people don’t even remember it exists. Now that you do know The Freshman exists, I recommend judging it for yourself.


Carmine (left) and Clark (right) expose a secret

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