Take Evasive Action!

Zathura: A Space Adventure is unofficially known as the spiritual sequel of Jumanji. As soon as I saw the first trailer I immediately made the connection. Later on I discovered Zathura and Jumanji were actually written by the same author. I didn’t read that book either, but it’s a much more direct sequel. However, the movie Zathura doesn’t make any reference to Jumanji. Not that they don’t still have a lot in common. They’re still playing a board game where every step you take unleashes something from the game. The biggest difference is that Zathura is a space themed game that unleashes aliens, meteors, robots, and astronauts. Another small difference is how the game doesn’t always unleash something when you move a space. Story wise, Zathura is a bit more family friendly then Jumanji. It follows two brothers (something I can relate to) who find the game and end up playing it in their house. The entire movie and everything that comes out of the game takes place in the house which also ends up in space. Making the movie feel a bit more contained. One of the most notable things about Zathura is that it was the last movie Jon Favreau directed before Iron Man. A before-she-was-famous Kristen Stewart is also in it, delivering a stiff performance (literally) as the brothers sister. While Zathura doesn’t have the same lasting quality that Jumanji has, it’s still an exciting space adventure that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Playing Zathura

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