Throwing the Shark

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is an original romantic comedy style superhero movie. This is back before superhero movies were as big as they are now. They were more likely to make original superheroes with the sole purpose of satirizing the genre. My Super Ex-Girlfriend follows an average guy named Matt who meets and starts dating the seemingly average girl Jenny Johnson. Aside from a few odd occurrences, everything seems to be going well in their relationship. Until he discovers that she’s actually the cities resident superhero G-Girl. That’s when she starts to get clingy and a little crazy. So he breaks up with her and immediately regrets it. As a romantic comedy, I thought it was pretty funny. Kind of cliche, but that’s why it’s about a superhero. As a superhero movie, aside from the standard superpowers, there isn’t a lot of superhero imagery. Jenny’s G-Girl costume is just a series of fashionable outfits with the letter “G” on them. While her disguise is just a wig and glasses. The movie caught my attention when I saw the trailer and it revealed pretty much the entire plot, but not enough for me to consider watching it. Then my mom said it was funnier then it seemed and I gave it a chance. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is an amusing mismatched genre blender that probably won’t appeal to either of those audiences, but you might like it if you check it out.


G-Girl (top) flies around her boyfriend (bottom)

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