Slacker from Space

Paul is what you’d expect from a Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Seth Rogen comedy. Only with aliens. I’ve talked about my opinion of all three Cornetto trilogy movies before and I’ve giving my opinion on another raunchy Seth Rogen vocal performance (Sausage Party). Since Paul is a combination of all those things, I should have expected the movie I saw. Pegg and Frost are big pop culture guys. They like to put references to other movies in their movies. Paul is filled with sci-fi references. They even got Sigourney Weaver to make an appearance. It’s about two adult nerds who travel cross country to Comic Con. Along the way they encounter Paul. As Amy from Futurama put it a “little grey dude with a big oval head.” Your classic Roswell alien appearance. The movie certainly made me curious when I first saw the trailer. I thought the concept was interesting, but one part of it held me back. The fact that Seth Rogen voiced the alien as a crude, profane, offensive, a**hole. Basically what you get when Seth Rogen has free range to do whatever he wants. When I finally did watch Paul, my opinion was and still is mixed. I appreciate the love letter to nerd culture, but I just can’t get past how offensive the movie is. Pegg, Frost, and Rogen almost always make blasphemous jokes, but this is the worst I’ve seen of it. The existence of aliens doesn’t disprove the existence of God. It’s such an unnecessary part of what should have been a more focused alien comedy.


Paul lays back

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