A Laugh Affair

The Parent Trap is all about long lost twin sisters. Most people of my generation are familiar with The Parent Trap, because of the remake.  So am I, but I think I was at least aware that there was an original. I ended up watching it a few years after seeing the remake several times. The original The Parent Trap came out in 1961. Two identical girls meet at camp and immediately hate each other. They play pranks on each other and eventually end up in an isolation cabin. It’s there they discover they’re twins that have been separated by their parents. One of them stays with their mom and the other with their dad. So they decide to switch places in order to meet each other’s parent and maybe get them back together. It may seem like an unlikely situations, but you’d be surprised. Although it was a lot more uncommon for married couples to get divorced in the early 60’s. Hayley Mills plays the twins Sharon and Susan. She gives a great performance as a British and American twin (her American accent could use some work though). It’s one of the earliest examples of a dual performance. The Split screen technology to put one actress in the same frame is still impressive. It’s also known for the song “Let’s get together,” performed by the twins. If you’ve never seen Disney’s original The Parent Trap, do what I did and watch them back to back. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how similar they are.


Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers

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