Long Lost Twins

The Parent Trap (1998) is the much more well known remake of the original movie of the same name. However, I saw this version before I saw the original. Mostly because it was Lindsay Lohan’s first movie. Which technically makes her a “Disney kid.” Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie. She was such a great actress, also using an American and British accent (oddly enough, her British accent could use some work). The Parent Trap (1998) is a surprisingly, almost word for word remake. The girls meeting at camp, discovering they’re twins, switching places, meeting each others parent, their father being in a relationship, eventually getting their parents back together, it’s all there. I know what you’re thinking. If everything’s the same, wouldn’t it be bad or pointless? Actually no, both The Parent Trap movies are great. Not that their aren’t some small differences. The twins are 2 years younger then the original twins. None of the character names are the same, except for a cameo by the actress who played Vicki in the original. They still do the hair cutting scene, but they add in an ear piercing scene. Their father still lives in California, but their mother lives in London (which makes more sense then Boston). It takes place in the 90’s, so it’s a tad more modern. Which is why the split screen effect has improved so much. It was impressive back then, but now you can have the actress overlapping and touching more. Whether you see the original or the remake of The Parent Trap, you’ll love them both just the same.

Annie James and Hallie Parker

Remake of: The Parent Trap (1961)

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