Galaxy Defenders

Men in Black is the best example of taking an unknown comic book and turning it into something better as a movie. I’ll bet you didn’t even know Men in Black was based on a comic. Well it is, but not just that, it’s also sort of a Marvel comic. In the way that the comic was bought by Marvel. The movie is similar to the comic, but there are some changes that improved the original story. The comic is about men in black who police extraterrestrial life, as well as supernatural creatures. They also kill people who witness their activity and the tone is much darker. Men in Black the movie is strictly about aliens living secretly on Earth. They use their iconic Neuralyzer to erase people’s memory of aliens and then make up a memory for them. Having a comedic tone makes it one of the funniest action comedies of the 90’s. I was a huge fan of the movie when I was a kid. I’m not 100% sure I saw it in the theaters, but I did watch it a lot on VHS. I also had an MIB wallet and a Neuralyzer from Burger King. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are an odd combination, but they work well in the movie. Will Smith steals every scene he’s in, making this one of his most iconic roles. The aliens are fun, especially the villain Edgar. A giant cockroach played hilariously by Vincent D’Onofrio. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted the movie. The song is pretty cool too. Men in Black is a sci-fi smash that’s out of this world.


Agent J (right) and Agent K (left) use the Neuralizer

Followed by: Men in Black II

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