Back in Black

Men in Black II is just as good as the first movie. No matter what anyone says. The critics say it’s not as fresh and recycles the plot of the original. Parts of that may be true, but I thought it was just as fun and adds more than it reuses. The only real problem I can see is the running time. An unusually short 1 hour and 28 minutes. Plus an animated short called The ChubbChubbs!. Because of that, I saw Men in Black II two times in theaters. The second time I saw it was part of a double feature with Spider-Man (the only time I saw a double feature). It also made watching the movie on VHS quick and easy. Men in Black II takes place 5 years after Men in Black. J has to deneuralyze K after he neuralyzed him at the end of the first movie. The new villain is a tentacle alien in the form of a Victoria Secret model. She’s not nearly as good as the last villain, but that’s not a problem. Most of the jokes work, but there are some that feel a little juvenile. Like the infamous Ballchinian. There’s also a bit less K in the movie. J was the main character in Men in Black, but he has way more attention in this movie. Even characters that appeared briefly before like Frank the pug and the worms get more attention. Men in Black II gets a bad rap, but I’m sure if you watch the 2 movies together, you’ll find it’s a worthy follow up.


Agent J (foreground) speaks an alien language in front of Agent K (background)

Preceded by: Men in Black & Followed by: Men in Black 3

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