With a Boat instead of a Bus

Here’s a clever idea. Let’s make a sequel to Speed that takes place on a slow moving boat instead of a fast moving bus. Speed 2: Cruise Control is a horrible idea for a sequel to a movie that literally has Speed as its title! What were they thinking. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Keanu Reeves doesn’t even return as Jack. Sandra Bullock’s character Annie is the only main character who returns. Along with a brief appearance from the police chief and that unlucky guy who had his car wrecked. To say his appearance makes no sense would be an understatement. They write Jack out of the movie by saying the relationship based on an intense situation didn’t work out. So they replace him with a bland guy who doesn’t make any sort of impression. The new bad guys plan makes no sense and not even Willem Dafoe can’t make him interesting. Speed 2: Cruise Control doesn’t even have a unique premise like the first movie. Movies set on a cruise ship have definitely been done before. In fact, this is the same year Titanic came out. Speed 2: Cruise Control is an unoriginal dumbed down PG-13 shipwreck.


The boat crashes into the town

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