Why Bruh?

Point Break (2015) is yet another bland unnecessary remake of a movie that should never have been remade. Is Hollywood that out of ideas that they have to start remaking movies from the 90’s? What makes even less sense is remaking a movie that’s so synonymous with its era. Point Break (2015) has a lot of problems, both in story and choices. While the movie is still about FBI agent Johnny Utah going undercover to catch criminal surfers and befriending Bodhi. They change it to where Utah has the long blonde hair and Bodhi has the shorter black hair (which doesn’t make any sense). Instead of committing crimes and doing extreme sports separately, they rob things by doing extreme stunts. The original Point Break is all about the surf, but the remake isn’t even though the title is literally a surfing term. There’s a surfing sequence, a wingsuit sequence, a snowboarding sequence, and a rock climbing sequence. The way it’s shot makes it seem more like a compilation of extreme sporting events rather than a straight forward action movie. The only scene they try to recreate is the “shooting into the air in frustration” scene. It’s a bland recreation just like the rest of the movie. Plus the movie is horribly desaturated and murky looking for some reason. Point Break (2015) is a dull PG-13 imitation of an off the wall cult hit that takes itself way to seriously.

Johnny Utah (right) and Bodhi (left) talk about life

Remake of: Point Break (1991)

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