Looking through Your Eyes

Quest for Camelot is the most blatant Disney rip off I’ve ever seen. Everything about the movie screams Disney, but I know well enough to know it isn’t one. As I said in my Anastasia review (see it here), I know a Disney movie when I see it. Quest for Camelot misses the mark on everything it copies. Most Disney movies are fantasies based on an existing story told with musical numbers, a female lead, wacky animal sidekicks, and a magical villain. Quest for Camelot does all of those things wrong. It doesn’t add anything worthwhile to the Arthur legend and the magic is all generic. The musical numbers are either poorly written, come out of nowhere, or are unaddressed. “The Prayer” is the only song that seems to be good even though it doesn’t match the scene it’s in. Plus the difference between the voice actors and their singing voices are extremely obvious. The lead character Kayley is clearly a rip off of Belle and other Disney princesses. She’s accompanied by a blind hermit and a two headed dragon who also feel like clones of other better Disney characters. The same goes for the movies villain, tragically voiced by Gary Oldman. I didn’t see Quest for Camelot when I was a kid (or if I did I don’t remember), but I’m positive I wouldn’t have liked it even then.

Quest for Camelot

Kayley examines Excalibur

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