They’re Coming

The Birds is one of the greatest animal attack movies of all time from the mind of one of the greatest directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. The Birds also happens to be my personal favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie. Mostly because it was the first one that I saw. I haven’t talked about Hitchcock yet on my blog, so I felt it was the best movie to start with. The Birds has all the trademarks of a great Hitchcock movie. It takes an average everyday occurrence and turns it into something terrifying. We see birds every single day of our lives, but we never think of them as dangerous. Birds are generally afraid of humans. They fly away the second you get close to them. Just imagine how bad it would be if birds did suddenly try to attack us. Well we don’t have to imagine, that’s what we have The Birds for. The Birds begins with a young socialite who becomes infatuated with a lawyer. She searches for his address so she can meet and drop off the lovebirds he was looking for. Like most Hitchcock movies, this plot point is very misleading. When a bird does attack it comes completely out of nowhere. The bird attacks start to get worse and a lot more violent as the movie goes on. Bird attacks happen at a birthday party, a school, in the middle of town, and in a house. Birds of all kinds attack people (gulls, crows, sparrows, you name it). They utilize fake birds and even real birds in the movie. Blonde actress Tippi Hedren unfortunately had to deal with a lot, because of the real birds. Still, The Birds is a monumental film and Alfred Hitchcock’s last great movie. You’ll never look at a flock of birds the same way again.


The birds prepare to attack

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