Academy of Superheroes

Zoom is the second worst reviewed superhero movie of all time. It currently sits at a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes for good reason. By this time in the mid 2000’s, Hollywood was still trying to figure out how to make superhero movies. For every 2 comic book movies, there were at least 3 or 4 original superhero movies. While there were good ones like Sky High (see review here), there were also awful ones like Zoom. Like Sky High, Zoom is also about a school of superheroes. Only less charming, more stupid, and completely unwatchable. Their powers include super speed, telekinesis, invisibility, super strength, and body enlargement. Bad CGI and cliches follow. With a few exceptions, Tim Allen is just better on TV then he is in movies. The same goes for most of the other actors in the movie. There’s also blatant product placement from Wendy’s. I watched Zoom once and I never wanted to see it again, but it’s just what we had to put up with till we got to bigger and better superhero movies.


The team fights Concussion

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