Get Pitch Slapped

Pitch Perfect is the aca-hit nobody was expecting. I know I didn’t aca-spect it. Pitch Perfect is at least 70% responsible for my love of listening to acapella videos on YouTube. Something about singing without using aca-instruments really draws me in. However, I didn’t see Pitch Perfect until after it got really aca-popular. A lot of my aca-friends in high school were in glee club and they couldn’t stop talking about the movie. So. I decided to watch the aca-movie just to see what the big deal was. It fast became my favorite movie about acapella singers ever. Pitch Perfect is about a group of college all female acapella singers called the Barden Bellas and an all male group called the Treblemakers. It’s a regular aca-battle of the sexes. Anna Kendrick stars as Becca, the latest fresh faced actress in need of a young adult aca-franchise. Her unexpected singing chops made her the perfect choice for the aca-role. But the biggest breakout star in the aca-movie is easily Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. Her character is by far the most aca-hilarious. The rest of the Bellas are made up of other fun over-the-top aca-stereotypes. Specifically the mean girl, passionate girl, fat girl, weird girl, gay girl, promiscuous girl, and the other two aca-girls. There are so many great aca-songs covered in the movie, but “Cups” is easily their signature song. It even inspired me to aca-learn how to do the whole cup clapping routine (which I aca-did). Pitch Perfect is just an aca-awesome musical comedy.

The Bella’s final performance

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