We’re Back Pitches

Pitch Perfect 2 is the aca-sequel to the sleeper hit Pitch Perfect. If you thought making a follow up to a movie about acapella singers was impossible, think again. As Pitch Perfect 2 was an even bigger financial success then the first aca-movie. Since I did become such a big aca-fan of Pitch Perfect, I decided to see Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters. For me this aca-sequel was just okay. Their song selection is just as aca-good as before. Only this time the movie’s new signature aca-song is an original called “Flashlight.” Pitch Perfect 2 is about the Barden Bellas trying to regain their credibility after Fat Amy accidentally flashes the aca-president. So they enter a world championship for acapella (aca-seriously). The Bellas also add two new aca-members to the group. One of them being a hispanic stereotype who often says aca-funny random things. Becca is still the main character, but Hailee Steinfeld’s new character Emily is also sort of the aca-lead. She’s the one who aca-sings the original song “Flashlight.” Elizabeth Banks who played one of the two commentators in the first movie, is director this time around since the entire aca-franchise was her idea. There’s also an abundance of aca-celebrity cameos considering the popularity the movies got. Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t quite as good as Pitch Perfect, but it’s still a highly entertaining aca-smash.


The Bella’s final performance

Preceded by: Pitch Perfect & Followed by: Pitch Perfect 3

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