Scary Plants

The Happening, more like, What the Hell is Happening! The Happening is a screwball comedy disguised as a serious thriller. It’s at this point you really have to question what’s going on in M. Night Shyamalan’s head. How does a director stoop so low in less than a decade’s time? While I had every intention of seeing The Happening someday, it actually wasn’t my choice at first. My college English teacher actually showed it to us rather unexpectedly. I wasn’t too pleased about that, because it meant I had to watch the movie twice. Even though watching the movie with a class made it more entertaining. The Happening is the first R rated M. Night Shyamalan movie. It was also marketed that way since it didn’t have anything else going for it. Even though most of Shyamalan’s movies are intense, they’ve actually all been PG-13 up to this point. Although bloody violence is really the only thing R rated about it (language is still very mild). The Happening is about a thing that happens that mysteriously makes you kill yourself…

The Happening

construction workers jump

SPOILER ALERT! The trees did it. I know it might seem premature for me to say that, but the reveal happens less than half way through the movie in the most awkward way possible. “You like hot dogs don’t you.” Mark Wahlberg stars as a science teacher. To say this is the worst performance of his career would be an understatement. The “What?… no!” line speaks for itself. Rivaling Wahlberg’s bafflingly bad performance is Zooey Deschanel as his wife. Her performance is comparable to a block of wood. Although really every actor in this movie talks and acts like some kind of alien robot. You won’t believe the kind of dialogue these characters have to say. Not to mention the jarring shifts in tone. Like I said before, the twist is that the plants and trees are the ones who cause the killings. A twist that people (including Wahlberg himself) have mocked on numerous occasions. That’s right the monster in this movie is gently rustling leaves. Most of Shyamalan’s movies before were funny in an unintentional way, but The Happening is way too ridiculous to ever be taken seriously. It really does feel like a comedy. I promise you will laugh out loud at least once. Another high point along with being so bad it’s good, is how mercifully short the movie is. It’s 1 hour and 50 minutes, it happens, and then it ends almost abruptly. The Happening just might be the worst original idea M. Night Shyamalan’s ever had.

Elliot talks to plants

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