The Fans Strike Back

Happy Star Wars day everybody! May the fourth be with you. I don’t see a whole lot of documentaries, but I knew I needed to see The People vs. George Lucas. A documentary all about Star Wars creator George Lucas, his role in the franchise, and how fans react to it. I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I have been ever since I was 4 years old. I’ve seen all the movies, watched the TV shows, played the video games, read books and comic books, bought a countless number of toys, LEGO’s, and merchandise, and seen more parodies then I care to mention. So yeah, I’d say I know Star Wars pretty well. So why doesn’t George Lucas? It’s no secret that George Lucas is brilliant for creating such a beloved franchise in the first place, but he’s also the one who damaged it forever. The documentary starts with the history. Everybody knows Lucas went through several drafts to make Star Wars. As well as how much of a wreck he was when he directed the first movie. It’s part of what lead to his first major offense of editing the original trilogy. Making the special editions which contain bad CGI and almost unforgivable changes (#HanShotFirst). The next major offense came with the prequels. Fans were so excited to see, but ultimately disappointed by what they got. I was too young to have that reaction. The third major offense actually wasn’t with Star Wars. It was with Lucas’ other beloved franchise Indiana Jones. We all know how Kingdom of the Crystal Skull turned out. As influential as George Lucas was. There’s no denying that sometimes he doesn’t even understand his own work. I’m not the kind of fan who says George Lucas ruined my childhood, but I can understand where some of these fans in the documentary are coming from. We’re all very passionate about Star Wars. The People vs. George Lucas is a must watch for any mega fan. May the force be with you.

Star Wars

The original Star Wars script

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