She doesn’t Give an F

Bad Teacher is bad. No pun intended since it’s also not funny. Bad Teacher is another movie I wanted to watch for unexplained reasons. Either because of Cameron Diaz or the premise (or maybe because an actor from iCarly is in it), I’m not sure what drew me to it. I’ve got to start making better choices, because I can’t even enjoy Bad Teacher ironically. Most of the bad movies I watch by myself have something I like about them. Bad Teacher just didn’t do anything for me. Well I’ll tell you the story and you’ll probably figure out the problem. Elizabeth Halsey is a teacher forced to work another year after her fiancรฉ calls off their engagement. All she does is lay around, show movies, and get high. She also wants to get breast implants so that she can impress a new teacher. This may sound like a promising premise, but Cameron Diaz character is less sarcastically funny and more unsympathetically unlikable. They weren’t kidding when they said Bad Teacher. Not only is she bad at her job, she’s also selfish, she lies, cheats, steals, and manipulates people. You might expect her to get some kind of redemption at the end, but no. She’s still just as bad as she was before. The so called antagonist of the movie is a good teacher. Kind of dorky, but not a bad person at all. I’m not the kind of person who would say this, but Bad Teacher makes a mockery of the teaching profession.

Ms. Halsey falls asleep at her desk

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