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The Little Shop of Horrors is a farcical B movie. I’m of course talking about the original Little Shop of Horrors movie that most people forget existed. The Little Shop of Horrors came out in 1960 with a very low budget of $28,000. Which is why the movie is public domain. Although surprisingly, this is one of Jack Nicholson’s first movies (he has a brief, but hilarious cameo). The Little Shop of Horrors is about a struggling flower shop that gets a sudden surge of popularity when an amazing new plant is presented. A new species crossed with a butterwort and a venus flytrap affectionately named Audrey Jr. The horror comes when it turns out the plant eats… people!!! Even though the idea of a man eating plant is pretty dark, it’s actually quite funny. I never know what to expect from old black and white movies humor wise, but the movie did have me laughing a lot. It’s just a little weird to not hear singing from this story. As a B movie, the design of Audrey Jr. is simple, most likely using hinges. I won’t say what happens, but let’s just say it doesn’t end well for the good guy. The Little Shop of Horrors should be seen by anybody who’s a fan of the remake.


Seymour feeds Audrey Jr.

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