Mean Green Mother from Outer Space

Little Shop of Horrors is the far more well known remake of Roger Corman’s The Little Shop of Horrors. Little Shop of Horrors is also an adaptation of the hit musical of the same name. I guess it was so popular that they wanted to make it into a movie. Now I can’t think of Little Shop of Horrors without thinking musical numbers. When I was a little younger, my mom introduced me to this movie. We watched it together and I loved it. Apart from being a musical with fantastic songs like the titular song, “Skid Row,” “Be a Dentist,” “Feed Me,” and the Oscar nominated “Mean Green Mother from Outer Space,” there are a few other differences between the original and remake. The plant, now named Audrey II, is from space instead of Earth. The dentist is now more villainous and less of a victim. Seymour also doesn’t directly kill anyone like in the original. Making the characters far more sympathetic. Plus the puppetry used on Audrey II is very impressive. He actually moves around and emotes more. It helps that Little Shop of Horrors is directed by puppet master Frank Oz (Yoda and Miss Piggy). Look out for some hilarious celebrity cameos as well. While Little Shop of Horrors does have a very happy ending, it is infamous for having a very dark original ending. One that involves Audrey II taking over the Earth. It’s a good thing they didn’t go with that ending, because Little Shop of Horrors is a fun and enjoyable musical without it.


Audrey II tries to eat Audrey

Remake of: The Little Shop of Horrors

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