I’ll Always Love My Mama🌸

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Of course I had to review the 2016 movie Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day. After the semi-pointless movies Valentine’s Day (review here) and New Year’s Eve (review here), I wasn’t sure if Garry Marshall was gonna make another holiday themed anthology film. Well it only took him 5 years to finally come up with Mother’s Day (it also turned out to be his last film). An even weirder choice since there’s absolutely nothing romantic about Mother’s Day. The only love you feel is the love for your mother. Even though it is schmaltzy, I did feel like the movie was at least trying to be something special. The amount of paycheck hungry celebrities is actually a lot lower than the other two movies. They only focus on about four different storylines instead of twenty. Which at least makes it easier to focus on them, but it still includes every kind of mother you can think of. Including: a single divorced mother, a step-mother, a widower who has to fill the role of mother, a long lost mother, a young mother, and a mother you haven’t talked to in a long time. The main problem is that it feels like there are good stories that might have worked better on their own. Together, Mother’s Day is like a Hallmark card. Well meaning, but with little effort put into it. Love you mom.❤️


Sandy (left) meets Miranda (right) before Mother’s day

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