A Riddle of Steel

Conan the Barbarian is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first major starring performance. I’ve said before on my blog that I’m a huge fan of Schwarzenegger movies. And that I’ve seen most of them as a child. I actually didn’t see Conan the Barbarian at a young age. Just small snippets of the movie. I’m not sure why considering it’s not half as mature as most of his films I did see at a young age. Conan the Barbarian came out when R rated action movies were the norm. It rightfully features strong violence and nudity. What you’d expect from a movie about a barbarian. Conan the Barbarian is actually a very old character. Not nearly as old as Hercules, but still pretty old. Conan has been around since the 1930’s and has since been featured in pulp magazines, Marvel comics, TV shows, and of course movies. Considering his size and muscles, Arnold was a perfect choice for the role. It didn’t even require him to act all that much. Conan the Barbarian is about Conan’s quest for vengeance against Thulsa Doom, the man who killed his mother, father, and people. He encounters many strange and magical things on his quest. Including witches, sorcerers, and a particular camel. Like all great Arnold movies, it’s filled with quotable dialogue. Specifically what is best in life according to Conan. “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.” Conan the Barbarian put Arnold’s acting career on the right track.


Conan fights with the Atlantean

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