A Boy and his Dragon

Pete’s Dragon (2016) is the only Disney live action remake I can unreservedly say is better than the original. The original Pete’s Dragon was too long and too dull. Unlike the other live action remakes that are being made, Pete’s Dragon actually deserves to be redone. The 2016 remake ditches the musical aesthetic in favor of a far more grounding story. Pete is much more of a lost feral child who has trouble adapting to the real world. This change actually made the movie feel more like a kid friendly drama. Elliot is redesigned to look more like a green dog-like CGI dragon instead of a scaly animated dragon. This was most likely done to make Elliot feel more playful. He still turns invisible, but it’s thankfully done a lot less. That way you can get a better feel of the dragon as a character. The main threat in the movie matched up better with the story too. The shorter runtime also makes more sense since this is a simple story that doesn’t need to be over 2 hours long. While Pete’s Dragon (2016) may not stand out too much, it still deserves an audience.

Pete (boy) plays with Elliot (dragon)

Remake of: Pete’s Dragon (1977)

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