Sharp Grass

Æon Flux is based on an animated 90’s series from MTV. A series I haven’t watched, but I get the general idea of it. It was an avant garde series that used different methods of storytelling. I’m not sure I can get passed the bizarre animation though I may see it at some point. The movie Æon Flux doesn’t seem to utilize any of what made that show popular. Other then recreating a shot with a fly in an eyeball. It’s more of a meh sci-fi thriller that makes very little sense. I hate when futuristic movies never explain things. It does start to make sense by the end, but by that point it was too late to care. The style and action is OK (when it isn’t cutting a hundred times). Charlize Theron is sexy in the role of Æon Flux. Even though she isn’t wearing the super revealing outfit in the series. Not that I think a Hollywood movie would allow it. In the end, Æon Flux feels like it might have worked better as an independent film. I don’t think a major studio knows how to pull off a story this bizarre.

Æon Flux does a split

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