Purple Power

Ultraviolet is the loudest movie I’ve ever seen. In the way that it’s not called Ultraviolet for nothing. It’s extremely bright with every fluorescent color on display. Ultraviolet is about a skilled woman in a skin tight outfit who fights in a dystopian future run by an evil corporation fighting a disease. If that sounds exactly like the plot of Æon Flux you’d be right to assume that. But that’s not the only thing Ultraviolet rips off. Violet is also a vampire (Underworld) who uses a series of digital weapons to fight with (The Matrix), including a katana (Kill Bill). Plus Milla Jovovich is the lead (Resident Evil). The jarring cuts coupled with the awful CGI make it really hard to watch. Not to mention how badly acted it is. Ultraviolet feels like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Half the time I felt like I was either watching an anime, a video game, or a moving comic book. Ultraviolet is a lousy movie, but I think it could work better in any of those other mediums I mentioned.


Violet on a motorcycle

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