Xanadu ozzies 80’s cheesiness, and the decade had barely even started yet. Still if you wanted to see all the worst parts of this decade, Xanadu is your movie. Just like Can’t Stop the Music (which it also double featured with), Xanadu was also responsible for the creation of the Razzie awards. Which earned it the first ever Worst Director award. Xanadu is like a drug trip mixed with every kind of music trend you can think of. Fresh off the success of Grease, Olivia Newton-John stars a Kira. A greek alien muse with the sole purpose of helping a painter start a nightclub. It’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. They even managed to rope dance legend Gene Kelly into it. Xanadu is a complete assault on the senses. With nothing but bright shiny colors and cheesy effects. Kind of like a music video. Meaning the music is the only good thing about it. Olivia Newton-John is a good singer and it helped the soundtrack become successful. Though it’s not the only time a lousy movie has had a good soundtrack. The only song I knew and sung along to was its title song “Xanadu.” Xanadu is one of the dumbest musicals ever made.


“In Xanadu”

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