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The Matrix Reloaded is a mixed bag of ideas. Some that work and some that are flat out ridiculous. As I’ve said in my review for The Matrix, I consider the first movie to be my all time favorite action movie. The same can’t be said for its sequels that just about everyone can agree are far more inferior compared to the beloved original. Although it was probably hard for the Wachowskis to live up to such high expectations. The Matrix Reloaded came out in 2003 (along with a video game, animated movie, and sequel). Since I was 7 years old at the time, I actually saw the movie in theaters. My dad took me and my brother to see it and he continues to regret that decision to this day. Not so much for the movie itself, but because of the content in it. Like the first movie, The Matrix Reloaded has a very tame R rating, but it includes some questionable scenes that my dad wasn’t completely comfortable with. It’s one of the only two R rated movies my dad took us to when I was a child. While it’s not in anyway comparable to The Matrix, I didn’t close myself off from the movie completely. There are a select number of scenes I still enjoy watching, but sitting through the entire movie is too much of a chore. The Matrix Reloaded is just one of those movies…


Neo catches bullets

The Matrix Reloaded has a cool title, action that’s just as exciting as the original, and moments that are just as iconic. After Neo became “the one,” he’s had a hard time embracing his destiny. Especially if it means losing the woman he loves. The underground city of Zion is seen for the first time after being mentioned a few times in the first movie. It’s a large city full of survivors, ships, and mech suits. The main directive in the movie is to find a key maker and attempt to end the war by understanding the Matrix better or something to that effect. The biggest problem with The Matrix Reloaded is how talk heavy it is. There’s just as much fighting, but they really drop the ball here. Don’t even get me started on the Architect. Where they try to make sense of the Matrix. This is the scene that undoubtedly kills the franchise. Let’s just say the scene speaks for itself. It didn’t make any sense when I was a kid and it still doesn’t make any sense now. Other scenes that ruin the movie include the sweaty cave rave scene (don’t ask). Any scene involving Monica Bellucci’s character and her husband. And its occasionally cartoony special effects. They also add too many new characters and subplots that are completely unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with world building, but why should I care about a Morpheus love triangle? Like I said, there are things about The Matrix Reloaded that I like. Neo being able to fly makes him feel even more like a superhero. Action scenes like Trinity jumping out a building, the freeway chase with the wraith-like twins, and even the burly brawl. Some people don’t like how off the wall and CGI heavy the fight is, but I love it. Agent Smith having the ability to make copies of himself is one of the most memorable parts of this franchise. It’s also unintentionally funny to see that many Agent Smiths fighting Neo. This was also sadly Gloria Foster’s last performance as the Oracle. As she passed away before the film’s release.ย The Matrix Reloaded is a needlessly complex sequel, but it still offers enough action to satisfy fans of the original.

Neo flies

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