Deus Ex Machina

The Matrix Revolutions completes the Wachowskis Matrix trilogy with a dull thud. The Matrix is a hit, The Matrix Reloaded is hit or miss, and The Matrix Revolutions is a complete misfire. It came out in 2003, the same year as The Matrix Reloaded, because it ended on a cliffhanger. Unlike that movie though, I didn’t see The Matrix Revolutions in theaters. There was no way my dad would have done it. So we checked it out at Blockbuster and watched it the year after. It was a good thing we didn’t go see it, because The Matrix Revolutions sucks. It’s all about the war on Zion that leaves no room for anything else. The Matrix is barely in the movie. It’s sort of used at the beginning and used at the end during the climax. That’s literally it, and Neo and Trinity are barely in the movie too. Just about the entire movie is devoted to characters we don’t care about (except for Morpheus) fighting a swarm of CGI sentinels. The Oracle is also replaced by a different actress, because the previous actress passed away. While characters you love are killed off in the most unceremonious way possible. The final fight between Neo and Agent Smith is just too over blown and full of overly dramatic slow motion shots. It’s also clearly a Dragon Ball Z clone. Plus Hugo Weaving chews the scenery. The ending can only be described as anticlimactic. I only saw The Matrix Revolutions once as a kid and seeing it again as an adult, I’m only reminded of the lost potential these lousy sequels have.

Neo fights Agent Smith one last time

Preceded by: The Matrix Reloaded & Followed by: The Matrix Resurrections

2 thoughts on “Deus Ex Machina

  1. Shamefully The Matrix is a trilogy I haven’t seen at all yet – but I know I need to see at least the first movie. By the way – I absolutely adore your page of Theatre Viewing History, what an amazing idea!

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