From Housewife to Tomboy

Freaky Friday is the original Disney body swap movie. Like most Disney movies that have been remade, most people probably haven’t seen this version. I’ve seen the remake several times, but I never made an effort to see the original Freaky Friday. I ended up watching ruffly 25 minutes of the movie during one of my classes. I think my teacher intended to show us the remake, but we ended up with the original. Freaky Friday is about a mother and daughter who switch places. Jodie Foster plays the daughter Annabel. A messy tomboy who loves playing sports. Jodie Foster has been acting all her life, so of course she does well in both roles. Although I found them a bit hard to differentiate. Barbara Harris plays the mother Ellen. Your average stay at home housewife. Barbara Harris’ gives a good performance too. Although her Annabel performance felt a bit off to me. Freaky Friday is definitely a charming body swap comedy, but it’s kind of average. I just felt like they didn’t take enough opportunities with it. The daughter being a tomboy made it seem more like the mother could have just swapped with her son. While the mother being a housewife limits almost everything to the house. They also don’t exactly explain why they swap bodies in the first place. And the movie ends with an over the top slapstick routine. The original Freaky Friday is a cute movie, but not something I’d see too many times.

Annabel switches places with her mother Ellen

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