From Working Mom to Punk Rocker

Freaky Friday (2003) is easily the best version of the Freaky Friday story. I often ended up seeing a remake more than an original when I was younger. Most of the time I realized the original was better and the remake didn’t live up to it. Freaky Friday (2003) is one of very few remakes I can say is better than the original. Not just because I fit its demographic better or saw it way more times, but because everyone agrees its better. Unlike most remakes, Freaky Friday (2003) changes just about everything from the original. Now everything revolves around a wedding. Lindsay Lohan plays the daughter Anna. Your average teenage girl who plays guitar and has a crush on a guy. This is back when Lindsay Lohan was great in every movie she was in. She’s the perfect modern teenager and her motherly performance is spot on. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the mother Tess. An overscheduled psychiatrist who’s about to get remarried. Jamie Lee Curtis is a true scene stealer. She’s believable as a working mom, but it’s her teenage girl impression that truly shines. She’s hilarious and by far the best thing about the movie. Freaky Friday (2003) is better, because the type of mother and daughter they choose make more sense. They also actually explain why they switch places (fortune cookies). Their relationship is felt throughout the entire movie and it’s surprisingly heartfelt. With them both understanding each other better than before. There’s also plenty of killer 2000’s era music in the movie. As body swap movies go, Freaky Friday (2003) ranks among the absolute best.


Anna switches places with her mother Tess

Remake of: Freaky Friday (1976)

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