The Choice I Never Had

Interview with the Vampire makes interesting choices with vampire folklore. I’m not too familiar with the books, but Interview with the Vampire is the first of a long running series of books titled The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Interview with the Vampire tells the story of Louis. A 200 year old vampire living in modern day San Francisco. This is where the titular interview takes place. With Louis regalling is life (technically living death) story of how he became a vampire, his relationship with the vampire Lestat, and his search for more vampires. The most interesting thing about the story is how it depicts being a vampire. It’s truly a curse to live forever, always having to feed on blood, and never aging. They also depict what it’s like to be a child vampire. Which sounds like even more of a tragic fate. Interview with the Vampire has an excellent atmosphere, overall look, and Kirsten Dunst gives a noteworthy breakout performance. The biggest problem would have to be the casting of its 2 main vampires. A-listers Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt play Lestat and Louis respectively. Which is bizarre to say the least. Not that they don’t convince you that they’re tragic (possibly gay) vampires. It’s just that sometimes Tom Cruise’s speaking voice comes out, especially when he screams. That being said, Interview with the Vampireย can still be an intriguing vampire tale if you’re willing to listen.


Lestat (right) and Louis (left) stroll around town with Claudia

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