Are You that Vampire?

Queen of the Damned sucks. For a movie titled Queen of the Damned, there’s barely any queen of the damned in the movie. After the modest success of Interview with the Vampire, they intended to adapt the books sequel The Vampire Lestat to film. However, lack of involvement from Tom Cruise or anyone else lead to them adapting the third book instead. Because of that, Queen of the Damned incorporates elements from both the second and third books. Which would explain why the movie is unfocused and makes no sense. Lestat is now played by Stuart Townsend. Let’s just say Tom Cruise is better. Lestat is now a modern day rock star who tells the whole world he’s a vampire. It sounded ridiculous in the book, but it’s even more ridiculous because the movie came out in the early 2000’s. So there are cheesy effects, quick cuts, and scenes that look like a music video. The titular Queen Akasha doesn’t appear until 51 minutes into the movie and she only appears for 26 minutes. Her reason for being there feels more like an afterthought. Really the only noteworthy thing about it is that this was Aaliyah’s last movie before her tragic untimely death. A bit of cruel irony because she’s playing a vampire. Queen of the Damned was the nail in the coffin that forever killed this franchise forever.

Akasha dances

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