Potty Humor

Flushed Away is a bit of a difficult movie for me to classify. It’s definitely as good as other Aardman movies, but I just don’t have a strong connection to it. Flushed Away was made by both Dreamworks Animation and Aardman Animation. With it being the first Aardman movie that doesn’t utilize stop-motion animation. Instead they use computer animation like most Dreamworks movies have. This might have been part of the reason why I didn’t see Flushed Away in theaters. Something I almost never did when it came to either animation company. Although the movie’s premise might also be to blame. Apart from the toilet themed title, Flushed Away is about a pampered house rat that gets flushed down the toilet by a boorish sewer rat. The house rat named Roddy, ends up in a London esque city called Ratropolis filled with danger and adventure. It’s there he meets a street smart boat captain named Rita and a villainous toad named The Toad. While Flushed Away is very funny and filled with a surprising amount of innuendos, It just felt a bit off. I understand that claymation takes time, but there’s a completely different energy here. Which makes Flushed Away a fun, if not average animated adventure.

Roddey gets shoved down the toilet

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