Booze, Broads, and Bullets

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For came out almost a decade after the first Sin City. Making a sequel seem somewhat pointless at this point, but Frank Miller has written many Sin City comics. So he could choose between any number of them. The only problem is that there’s a reason they weren’t adapted in the first movie. Like the first movie, I can only talk about each story separately.

“Just Another Saturday Night” – The first mini story involves Marv killing a bunch of frat boys, because they were messing with homeless people. It doesn’t really add anything and I think it’s only in the movie to give Marv more screen time.

“A Dame to Kill For” – The second story is what the movie is named for. It takes place in the past where Dwight (now played by Josh Brolin) runs into his former lover Ava Lord played by Eva Green. She’s the best part of the movie. Her character is a manipulative temptress who uses her sexulaity as a weapon. The prostitutes also make a brief appearance. This is easily the most memorable storyline. I think that’s why it’s the movie’s title.

“The Long Bad Night (Part I & II)” – The first major story is mostly the third story. It involves a new guy in Basin City who never loses at poker. This new guy named Johnny, is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. For me it’s the least memorable story in the movie. Which might have something to do with this being an original storyline. Not even it being a two parter or featuring Christopher Lloyd is enough to make it stand out.

“Nancy’s Last Dance” – The fourth and final story takes place after Hartigan’s death. Nancy is now a hard drinking mess who’s lost her passion for stripping. So she takes revenge on her capture’s father Senator Roark. Unlike anything else in the movie, this story actually feels like a direct sequel. Even if it is a by the numbers revenge story.

In conclusion, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For feels like something you can take or leave. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller do manage to recapture the look of Sin City, but it sort of felt watered down by comparison. I found it to be less uncomfortable to watch, even if it is violent. Which is a problem if they were trying to be just as gritty as the first movie. My biggest take away was how similar it is to another Frank Miller sequel that came out in the same year. Both 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For feature Eva Green as an often naked villainess who turns out to be the best thing about each movie. Both movies even ended up with the same Rotten Tomatoes percentage (43%). Sin City: A Dame to Kill For just doesn’t really add much must see material to the Sin City franchise.

Dwight crosses paths with Ava

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