Triple Axel

I, Tonya was just as hard to avoid as I assume the scandal was when it first happened back in 1994. It was as if the attack happened all over again. Literally every news channel did a story about it in response to the movie. My initial thoughts were skepticism, because Margot Robbie has Hollywood good looks, and this was her first Oscar Bait performance. I warmed up to the idea when I saw the first trailer. I didn’t exactly know about Tonya Harding’s past when I was younger. My first exposure to her was on a show called truTV presents: World’s Dumbest… Where she was a regular celebrity host. It wasn’t until later that I found out about her controversial past. Tonya Harding is a figure skater famous for being the first American woman to successfully perform a triple axel in a competition. If you know figure skating, that’s an incredibly difficult thing to do. Everything was going well for her until rival skater Nancy Kerrigan came into the mix. Leading to the attack that ended up destroying Tonya Harding’s career. I, Tonya is actually more fun than it could have been, because it takes a Goodfellas approach by utilizing fourth wall breaks. Margot Robbie completely transformed into Harding and Sebastian Stan is unrecognisable as her ex-husband, but Allison Janney is the one who steals the show (and all the awards) as Tonya’s estranged mother. I, Tonya is the best figure skating movie I’ve ever seen.


Tonya Harding completes the Triple Axel

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