They Saw too Much!

Rear Window is easily one of the absolute greatest filmmaking achievements of all time. Something only famed director Alfred Hitchcock can pull off. What makes Rear Window especially good (aside from its 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes) is how the movie is filmed. Rear Window takes place entirely in one location. Like most great Hitchcock movies, the main character is hindered in some way. A photographer named Jeff is confined to a wheelchair and stuck in his apartment complex. Since it’s in the middle of a heat wave everybody has their windows open. The only thing Jeff can do is watch his neighbors and try to be entertained by their lives. He even gives them nicknames. Voyeurism is probably something we’re all guilty of. We can’t help but be fascinated by the lives of others. This is of course a common Hitchcock misdirection. As the true suspense comes when Jeff suspects one of his neighbor’s murdered his wife. Being confined to a wheelchair, he can’t do anything other then send his girlfriend over to investigate and helplessly watch the whole thing play out. The always terrific Jimmy Stewart plays Jeff and future Princess Grace Kelly plays his socialite girlfriend. Being blonde, she was a favorite of Hitchcock. Rear Window is shot entirely in Jeff’s apartment. Everything the neighbors do is from a distance. Which is something no other movie did at the time. Putting Hitchcock in a unique position as a director. That’s whyย Rear Window holds up very well today, as people are always looking out windows.


Jeff looks out the window

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