House Arrest

Disturbia came right at the height of Shia Labeouf’s career. Making the movie stand out as one of his more noteworthy roles. In case it wasn’t a little obvious, Disturbia is inspired by Rear Window. It’s not a remake, because it takes place in modern day suburbia, has a young cast, and plays out more as a horror movie then a mystery movie. But that didn’t keep the movie from being sued for copyright infringement. Disturbia is about a teenager named Kale under house arrest for attacking his teacher (because he brought up his dad who recently died in a car accident). If he tries to leave his property, he gets thrown in jail. The only thing he can do is hang out with his friend, try to kill time, and of course watch people with a pair of binoculars. That’s how he meets the new girl on his block. Together they eventually suspect that one of their neighbors is actually a serial killer. That’s why Disturbia feels more like a horror movie. Since it is set in modern day, they do make use of modern technology like video cameras and phones. The only reason Kale doesn’t just play video games or watch TV is because his mom took away those privileges. Disturbia is surprisingly entertaining and suspenseful. I guess it pays to make a Hitchcock remake without actually using the name.


Kale looks out the window

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