I Need to Borrow Your Hoverboard

Back to the Future Part II is a sequel nobody thought they would ever get. Back to the Future ends with Marty reuniting with his girlfriend Jennifer, about to take his new truck to the lake. Until Doc interrupts them, claiming he needs to take them back to the future. Then it ends with the iconic shot of the DeLorean flying in the air and traveling in time. Robert Zemeckis never planned to make a sequel. Needless to say he was faced with many obstacles that made a sequel more difficult than it should have been. It might surprise you to know that Back to the Future Part II was actually the third movie I saw in the trilogy. My parents told me not to watch it, because they didn’t like the movie very much. So I saw it on the trilogy pack I mentioned and I guess I can see why. Back to the Future Part II is far different then the first and third movie. While they focused on the power of love, the sequel is more focused on adventure, and time travel hijinks. Three distinctly different timelines are visited. The future date of 2015, a dystopian 1985, and back to 1955 again. Making the movie feel sort of like a mixed bag. However in recent years, Back to the Future Part II has received a renewed interest, because the future is now the present…


Marty borrows a hoverboard

Back to the Future Part II picks up right where Back to the Future left off. Only the scene had to be reshot, because the actress playing Jennifer was replaced by Elizabeth Shue. The first problem with the movie is that some actors didn’t return for the sequels. I love Elizabeth Shue, but I much prefer the original actress. Crispin Glover was also replaced and his lack of presence is felt throughout. After Doc, Marty, and Jennifer go back to the future, they arrive at the date October 21, 2015. In a future that has flying cars, hoverboards, power laces, hydrating pizza, Jaws 19, video phones, scenery windows, self walking dog walkers, resizable jackets, the Cubs winning the World Series, and much much more. When this date became a reality everyone was hoping for this future. Surprisingly, some of it isn’t too far off. The Cubs win was only a year off and unnecessary sequels are a thing, but I’m sorry, these “hoverboards” are a ripoff. Like Doc said, something has to be done about Marty and Jennifer’s kids. Which involves a ripple effect that ruins the McFly family. Even though it doesn’t make much sense to change a future that hasn’t happened yet. One of the more memorable aspects of Back to the Future Part II is its use of duel performances. Michael J. Fox plays Marty, an older Marty, his son Marty Jr., and even his daughter Marlene. While Thomas F. Wilson plays Biff, an older Biff, and his grandson Griff. Speaking of Biff, he’s the biggest problem with the sequel. In the first movie Biff is just your average school bully. In the sequel Biff takes a 2015 sports almanac (that Marty was originally gonna use), steals the DeLorean, gives the almanac to his younger self, becomes a billionaire, murders George McFly, marries Lorraine (who he gave implants to), and rules a dystopian Hill Valley. As my parents told me before I watched it, there’s just too much Biff in the movie. So Doc and Marty now have to travel back to 1955 on the date Marty went back to the future, avoid being seen, and retrieve the almanac from Biff. I will give them props for recreating scenes from the first movie (especially without showing George’s face). Even if they are off a little with inflections and line delivery. In the end, Back to the Future Part II is a necessary piece of the puzzle. It may not know what to focus on, but at least it gave us a future worth hoping for.

Back to the Future

Doc brings Marty and Jennifer back to the future

Preceded by: Back to the Future & Followed by: Back to the Future Part III

One thought on “I Need to Borrow Your Hoverboard

  1. I actually really enjoyed the second part of the trilogy. It contained so many great scenes, and I though it was very clever as well (especially seeing how it played around with all the timelines). Even though the tone was definitely very different from the original I still had a very good time with it. As always, great post ! 😊

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