See You on the Island

The Island is the last movie Michael Bay directed before he did nothing but direct Transformers movies. It’s also his last “original” movie too. Considering it’s sandwiched between Bad Boys II and Transformers, it’s easy to forget this movie even exists. Nobody really talks about it like his other movies. Which is a shame since The Island is actually not that horrible. I mean of course it’s filled with Bay cliches like explosions, cringy dialogue, and product placement. I thought the plot was actually pretty good. I first saw The Island in my Junior reading class. We were reading 1984 and since the movie was R rated, we watched The Island instead. Both having something to do with a lack of freedom in a futuristic world. Even though the trailer gives literally everything away about the movie, I’m still gonna say SPOILER ALERT! The Island takes place in the future year of 2019. People who don’t know they’re clones think they can win a chance to go to a paradise called “The Island.” Which is all a lie. Clones are unknowingly used to give rich people organs, babies, or whatever else they need to extend their lives. Since clones are the best match for a person’s DNA. So 2 clones set out on an on-the-run chase to find answers. The Island is probably similar to other science fiction stories, but I will say it’s worth checking out.

Lincoln Six Echo talks to Jordan Two Delta about the island

One thought on “See You on the Island

  1. Could not agree with you more. In my opinion this is a highly underrated film, with a great storyline. As you say, sure there are the typical Bay things in it, but still it’s a movie well worth checking out ๐Ÿ˜Š

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