This is Madness

300: Rise of an Empire doesn’t really need to exist. Since 300 (SPOILER ALERT!) ends in the death of Leonidas and his Spartan army. It didn’t seem like a sequel was a possibility. Especially considering Zack Snyder was more focused on the DCEU at the time. Nevermind the fact that the graphic novel doesn’t have a continuation. Still, they found a way to make a sequel. 300: Rise of an Empire is actually based on an unpublished Frank Miller comic called Xerxes. The movie takes place before, during, and after the events of 300. From the perspective of the Athenians. Specifically their General Themistocles. 300: Rise of the Empire reveals the origin of “god-king” Xerxes, the warship Battle of Artemisium, and the Battle of Salamis after the fall of the Spartan army. It does capture the look and action for the most part, but without Snyder’s direction, it feels more like an imitation. You can tell by how overly gory it is compared to 300. The blue caped Athenians are also not nearly as interesting as the red caped Spartans. The only interesting character is the villainess Artemisia played by Eva Green. She’s a ruthless, beautiful, and somewhat sympathetic naval commander. As I explained previously, it can’t be a coincidence how similar her character is to her Sin City: A Dame to Kill For character. Aside from her, 300: Rise of an Empire just doesn’t work without the ferocity of Spartan warriors.

Themistocles fights off an army

Preceded by: 300

3 thoughts on “This is Madness

  1. I havenโ€™t been in a rush to see this… heck, I even forgot it was released!! I might watch it if it turns up on Netflix, but, again, Iโ€™ll not be in a rush.

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  2. Though I agree with pretty much everything you wrote here, I still enjoyed the film, but that was mainly because of Eva Green. This certainly was an unnecessary sequel, but I do have to admit that I have seen sequels that were worse ๐Ÿ˜Š

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