Only in the Movies

It’s hard to believe Hugo is a Martin Scorsese movie. As it doesn’t have an R rating, gangsters, drugs, or profanity. Can this really be the same guy who directed The Wolf of Wall Street just 2 years later? It is, even if it isn’t Scorsese’s first time doing something less adult. Hugo is just his first children’s movie that he directed. It has a PG rating, child actors, and is shot in 3D. You may think such a deviation wouldn’t work, but only the best directors can pull it off. Which is why Hugo received 11 Oscar nominations including Best Picture. It ended up winning 5. Most notably Best Visual Effects. Even if the movie doesn’t seem effects heavy, there’s actually a lot that you won’t even realize is an effect. When I first discovered Hugo I wasn’t sure what it was about. All I could gather was that it was about an orphan who lives in a train station clock tower. Who apparently befriends a girl, tries to evade an inspector, and is trying to activate a robot of some sort. I didn’t exactly know what all these seemingly random pieces were supposed to mean. Until I saw the movie. Among other things, I was surprised to learn that Hugo was actually about the history and love of cinema. Wasn’t expecting that. It’s what makes Hugo such a delightfully charming movie.

Hugo hangs from the clock tower

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