I Believe I Can Fly

Space Jam is easily one of the weirdest ideas for a movie ever. How did they even pitch this movie? “Hey, I have an idea for this movie that brings together Michael Jordan, Looney Tunes, and space aliens.” Seriously bizarre, but it’s one of my generations biggest guilty pleasures. I’ve seen it so many times on VHS and even in school once. Even though I’m not much of a basketball fan. Not that I didn’t at least know who Michael Jordan was. Every kid knew him as the best player in basketball. I mostly just came for the Looney Tunes. Since my mom introduced me to them at a young age. Like I said, Space Jam is the weirdest guilty pleasure movie there is. Space Jam centers on a semi fictionalized version of Michael Jordan’s life. As he retired from basketball to become a baseball player. There’s also an alien planet called Moron Mountain with an amusement park searching for a new attraction. Meanwhile Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Looney Tunes live in the center of the Earth. Everything comes together when the aliens seek to enslave the Looney Tunes for their amusement park until they use a game of basketball as a challenge against them. The aliens steal the talent of famous players, the Looney Tunes kidnap MJ, and a big wacky game is played. Space Jam is notable for a few things. As Mel Blanc passed away, the Looney Tunes now have a variety of new voice actors. This was also the first appearance of Lola Bunny. A female bunny girlfriend for Bugs who was strangely sexualized. Despite the dumb premise and the fact that MJ obviously can’t act, Space Jam is awesome! It’s absurdly funny, has one of the best soundtracks ever, and made live action/animated alien basketball movie’s work.

Space Jam

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny play basketball

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