I’m a Rocket Man

The Rocketeer was Disney’s first crack at a classic comic book superhero. Long before acquiring the rights to Captain America, The Rocketeer was their World War II era nazi punching crimefighter. In fact, director Joe Johnston actually ended up directing Captain America: The First Avenger as well. Not to mention Jennifer Connelly playing her first of two superhero girlfriends. The Rocketeer comic is only as old as the 80’s, but since this was the 90’s, they felt he needed a movie. In the late 30’s stunt pilot Cliff and his engineer friend discover a rocket pack that gangsters are searching for. Unaware that the rocket pack is the invention of Howard Hughes. The genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who was the basis for Tony Stark. Cliff and his friend test out the pack, make a finned helmet, and eventually use the rocket to save someone. While parts of it might not be entirely historically accurate, it does bring the 30’s to life. They got the Hollywood actor’s being spies thing right. With Timothy Dalton playing an Errol Flynn type. Making the movie feel like a classic pulp serial à la Indiana Jones. Even if it is more focused on flying then fighting. This is still a Disney movie. The Rocketeer is just good old fashion fun.


The Rocketeer takes flight


2 thoughts on “I’m a Rocket Man

  1. I remember seeing this one in the cinemas back when it was first released and it was just one of those films where I left the theatre with a very big grin on my face. Really a wonderful film! 😊

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