Isn’t it Delicious

The Seven Year Itch is the movie that features one of the most famous scenes in film history. When Marilyn Monroe’s dress blows in the subway grate. She wore an equally iconic white dress while saying the words “Isn’t it delicious.” Everybody who’s a movie buff knows this scene, though some might not know the title. The Seven Year Itch is a term that refers to married people with wandering eyes after 7 years of marriage. During hot summers (I also saw the movie in the heat), wives left their husbands at home to work while they vacationed with the kids. Giving the men plenty of opportunity to be unfaithful. Something that wasn’t exactly present in movies at the time. Even though most of the action is taking place in lead character Richard Sherman’s crazy imagination. Marilyn Monroe is the original “blonde bombshell” and sex symbol of her time. She’s truly a one of a kind beauty. I even have a personal connection with her since we share a birthday. The Seven Year Itch is her best remembered performance, because it sums up everything about her work. Her character doesn’t even have a name. Although this wasn’t the first movie I saw of her’s. I first saw her in another classic, Some Like it Hot (see that review here). This was just the first time I saw her in color. The Seven Year Itch is hot, hilarious, and a true classic.


Marilyn Monroe’s dress blows in the subway grate

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