Old Hollywood

Hail, Caesar! is so far the last movie directed by the Coen Brothers. It’s far from their best effort, but it does still offer their eye for detail. Both in character and setting. It takes place in Hollywood during the early 50’s. After the war, but during the Cold War/Red Scare era. In other words Communism was an issue. Eddie Mannix was the guy you got to fix any celebrity scandal. He’s the only real life person in the movie. Every celebrity is a fictionalized version of a famous celebrity from that era. The big star of a major production, the singing cowboy who can’t act, America’s sweetheart with skeletons in the closet, the song and dance man, and the foreign actress who got her foot in the door. Each of them played by more A-list stars then I can name. With each of them getting extended screen time. Although my main reason for watching it was to see the new Han Solo actor in something, I’m glad I saw it.ย Hail, Caesar! captures the look of a bygone Hollywood era flawlessly.


Eddie Mannix (right) slaps some sense into Baird Whitlock (left)

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