The Mask was made for Jim Carrey. If you thought he was a living cartoon before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Mask is Jim Carrey’s second movie in 1994, but it’s easily his funniest. I would even argue that it’s the best of his career. It’s what made Jim Carrey a main stay in the 90’s. Plus it’s the movie that gave us Cameron Diaz. When she entered the screen you knew she would be a star. Unlike Carrey’s other 1994 movies though, I’ve seen The Mask a lot. I used to watch it over and over again when I was a kid. Now I know every word, joke, dance number, and I can imitate the Mask perfectly. The Mask is about Stanley Ipkiss. A nice guy and hopeless romantic who discovers the titular Mask. A green wooden mask that brings the wearers inner most desires to life. When Stanley puts on the Mask he becomes a love crazy wild man. A living cartoon who does things like spin around like the Tasmanian Devil, pop out his eyes and tongue, quickly change outfits, and pull objects out of thin air. It was all modeled after Tex Avery cartoons. Instead of what The Mask is actually based on. Which is a very violent Dark Horse comic. It was also the first Dark Horse comic movie, but they’re so different that you can’t even compare the two. The movie is so much better and its use of cartoon logic makes it stand out. It’s filled with so many great moments. The first transformation, the Coco Bongo dance, the Oscar moment, “Cuban Pete,” Stanley’s dog Milo becoming the Mask, and even anything outside of the Mask. Making The Mask something I always look forward to watching. “Ssssmokin’!”


The Mask flashes his cash

Followed by: Son of the Mask

One thought on “Smokin’!

  1. You are so right…this movie was made for Jim Carrey. While I am never a huge fan of comedy movies, I did really enjoy this one. It was really funny and the special effects were top notch๐Ÿ˜Š

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