A Family Picture

Son of the Mask proves you should never make a sequel without Jim Carrey. They’d been talking about making a sequel almost immediately after The Mask came out. Carrey was attached for awhile until the failure of When Nature Calls. He swore off making sequels, but they decided to move forward anyway. Somehow ending up with the piece of crap known as Son of the Mask. I’m sorry to say I didn’t hate it when I first saw it in theaters. Then again I was still too young to know any better. Sitting at a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, Son of the Mask is considered by some to be one of the worst movies ever made. It’s not hard to see why. The only connection it has to the first movie is Ben Stein and the opening that takes place in Edge City. As the Mask washes up in the overly colorful Fridge City. Where a dog named Otis (Milo and Otis, get it!) finds it. His owner wears it on at a costume party and thus becomes the new Mask. Jamie Kennedy is no substitute for Jim Carrey. He ends up having a baby with his wife while wearing the Mask and a disturbing, talking, badly animated baby is born. Meanwhile Otis becomes jealous, puts on the Mask, and tries to kill the baby. I wish I was making this up, but I haven’t even gotten to the worst part. Loki is in it (no, not that Loki). Alan Cumming hamming it up as goth reject Loki. Since the first movie said he’s the one who created it. Son of the Mask is awful for children and adults alike. It’s not funny and just plain creepy to look at.


Alvey (baby) plays a trick on Otis (dog)

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