No Way

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is bogus and/or heinous. It’s also my personal favorite of the 2 Bill & Ted movies. As I’ve seen it way more times since my parents had it on VHS. Not that I don’t still love Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I just don’t have the same kind of attachment to it. Plus Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was what I saw first. It picks up 2 years after the first movie with Bill & Ted entering a music contest for WYLD STALLYNS! *air guitar* Bill is now dressed in a green plaid jacket and red cap, while Ted now wears a red and yellow jacket with a smiley face on the back of it. They also plan on proposing to their princess girlfriends. Meanwhile Bill’s hot stepmom is now married to Ted’s dad. Their problem this time is a maniac who wants to destroy their utopian future. So he sends evil robot doubles of Bill & Ted to kill the real Bill & Ted. Which they do. Leading to a series of hilariously crazy situations in the afterlife. First they run into Death, who offers them a challenge to get out of the afterlife. Luckily Death is an imbassible. Bill & Ted then wind up in Hell. Where it looks like a red factory of some sort with their own personal Hell in it. Then they go to Heaven after beating Death’s “challenge.” Which is all white with discs instead of clouds. They also receive help from a couple of intelligent martians named Station. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is total insanity from start to finish! *air guitar*


Bill & Ted with Death

Preceded by: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure & Followed by: Bill & Ted Face the Music

2 thoughts on “No Way

  1. A perfect sequel, I reckon. Excellent Adventure will always be my number one, but this would be a very close second. In fact, it’d be joint number one. Let’s go with joint. Excellent! *air guitar*

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