Bend and Snap

Legally Blonde has the punniest title I’ve ever seen. Being a play on the term “legally blind” and referring to the premise at the same time. Legal because it’s about law school. Blonde because it’s about a valley girl. Elle Woods is a sorority sister/president and fashion student who loves pink. Everything goes well for her until her boyfriend breaks up with her. Being a law student, he feels he should marry a Jackie instead of a Marilyn. Instead of let him go, Elle decides to apply to Harvard Law School and become a lawyer just to get him back. Legally Blonde is far fetched, but probably not too hard to imagine. Reese Witherspoon actually plays Elle as friendly, polite, and even smart. Not like a stereotypical valley girl. More like a realistic one. When Elle does become a lawyer, she does it in her own way. By using what she knows. Making Elle Woods an unconventional, but still fabulous lawyer. Legally Blonde has many memorable moments. Elle’s Harvard acceptance video with my favorite line, “I object!”. The bend and snap scene, Elle dressed as a Playboy bunny, and the final court case. Legally Blonde proves that even lawyers can wear pink.


Elle Woods commands the courtroom

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