If they Hear You, they Hunt You

A Quiet Place is scary beyond words. It’s the equivalent of a feature length jump scare. I was intrigued the moment I saw the mostly silent trailer. Although I decided not to see A Quiet Place in theaters since I didn’t trust the audience to stay quiet. So instead I watched the movie on DVD and sound proofed my room. A Quiet Place is produced by Michael Bay’s unlikely horror studio Platinum Dunes and directed by the mostly comedic John Krasinski. More intriguing was Krasinski both directing and starring alongside his real life wife Emily Blunt.

A Quiet Place is only 1 hour & 30 minutes with the simple, but terrifying premise of blind aliens hunting humanity using only sound. The Death Angels are grotesque creatures that are difficult to kill due to their dense armor. No explanation is needed for their arrival. Although it could’ve been part of Cloverfield, A Quiet Place is too original to be part of an ongoing franchise. A Quiet Place follows the Abbott family who must remain silent or else risk being killed by the creatures. Krasinski is the survivalist father Lee, Blunt is his caring wife Evelyn, Noah Jupe is their self-sufficient son Marcus, and Millicent Simmonds is their deaf daughter Regan.

The Abbotts have survived for so long by using a sandy path to walk on, using sign language to communicate, and only using sound to lure the creatures away. The opening sets the mood with the tragic loss of the Abbott’s youngest son. Even in this post-apocalyptic future, the themes of parenthood are made clear with the Abbotts having a baby one year later. I was left on the edge of my seat everytime sound suddenly fills their quiet farm life. Especially during the nail scene, silo scene, and birthing scene. Not everyone survives by the end, but the alien’s weakness makes a lot of sense for their hypersensitive hearing. Leading to an abrupt, but satisfying ending. A Quiet Place says so much with so little.


Evelyn tries to stay quiet

Followed by: A Quiet Place Part II

4 thoughts on “If they Hear You, they Hunt You

  1. I hear you! However I went at the urging of my grandkids thinking they’d see me frightened. I was startled once, saddened by the dad scene and saw flaws in the concept But I know many people loved it..

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